Traffic Court

Traffic summons (municipal summons and complaint) are issued by a Lamar police officer. The copy the officer provides you with should contain the court address and the appearance date and time.  If that address reads LAMAR MUNICIPAL COURT AT: 102 E Parmenter St, SECOND FLOOR your summons is written into this court. There are some traffic violations that carry criminal penalties that will be handled in accordance with the criminal court process. These charges include, but are not limited to: Speed Contest, Reckless Driving, Careless Driving, and Speeding 25 mph or more. (Refer to criminal court information). 
Initial appearances before the court on a traffic violation are held on two Thursday's of the month. The order of the docket is called in the following sequence: first - traffic violations, followed with ordinance violations with juvenile violations being last.  If you want to read the law, you may review the Lamar Municipal Code.  Traffic violations referenced by the Model Traffic Code, are not available through this source, but may be viewed at the Lamar Municipal Court office at 102 East Parmenter Street, Lamar CO 81052.
For your convenience, many municipal citations are payable in advance and if paid, do not require a court appearance.  The citation indicates whether you can pay by mail or must appear.  You may choose to either appear in court on the date specified, or pay the amount indicated before the appearance date.  If you are under 18 years of age, your parent(s) or guardian must also sign Advisement Regarding a Penalty Assessment / Summons and Complaint form given to you at the time your summons is written.  If you choose to appear in court a parent or guardian must accompany you. 
Payments are considered a guilty plea and notice will be sent to the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicle on traffic offenses.  Penalty points may be assessed against your driver’s license.  If your driver’s license has been issued by another state and that state has a reciprocal agreement with Colorado, they will receive the penalty points.  Accrual of too many penalty points result in the loss of your license.



Payments by mail must be by check or money order.  Payment in person can be made by cash, check, money order, VISA, and MasterCard. 

Send mail payments to:

Lamar Municipal Court

102 East Parmenter Street

Lamar, CO 81052

 ***Please write your summons number on your check or money order and make a copy for your records.

What Can I Expect In Court?

If you MUST appear in court, or if you choose to appear in court:

The first time you appear in court, you will be advised of your constitutional rights.

Then once you’ve been advised, judge will ask you how you would like to plea.

If you want to exercise your right to have a trial the judge will schedule a trial date for you to return, with any subpoenaed witnesses.   The City Attorney and issuing officer will also be subpoenaed.

If you decide not to pay the citation and cannot appear in court on the date specified, you may call the court at 719-336-1355 before the first appearance date to reschedule a new appearance date.   We can extend this appearance by only two weeks.

Failure to either timely pay a traffic citation in full or appear in court when scheduled will result in the issuance of a default on your driving privilege or cancellation of your driver’s license by the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicle.