Lamar Animal Shelter



Lamar Animal Shelter is a small city municipal shelter, operated by the Lamar Police Department. Currently we only care for dogs, however we work closely with many other agencies to assist with other species of animals when possible. Our code enforcement officers are responsible for bringing in most of the stray dogs we receive, and we also accept owner surrenders from residents of Lamar.


Dogs that are brought in as stray must be held for six days to give the owner time to claim them. If the dog is not claimed, they are spayed/neutered and generally made available for adoption.


We work hard to find a place for all the dogs that come through our shelter, whether that be adoption or transfer to another shelter or rescue better suited to meet their needs. We do not euthanize for space/time constraints, however we do practice humane euthanasia for animals that have health or behavior problems that would make them too dangerous or unhealthy to responsibly re-home or transfer.


We strongly believe in and abide by the Five Freedoms of animal welfare, as set forth by the Asilomar Accords.

1.       Freedom – from hunger and thrist

2.       Freedom – from discomfort

3.       Freedom – from pain, injury, or disease

4.       Freedom – to express normal behavior

5.       Freedom – from fear and distress