VSP Vision Care

As a VSP Vision Care member, you have access to great eye doctors, eyewear, and affordable care you deserve. 


1.  How do I create an account on vsp.com?

If you have active VSP coverage, then visit the Create an Account page and input the required information for each of the three steps. Only primary holders are able to create the vsp.com account. Once the primary member has created an account, they will be able to see dependent information on their personalized Dashboard.

2. Where can I find my benefit information?

Your personalized benefit information and eligible services are clicks away on vsp.com. If you don’t already have an account on vsp.com, click to create one. Once you account is created you can login to your account and view your personalized information.  

3. Where can I find my Member ID Card? 

VSP doesn’t actively send ID cards, since they aren’t required for services. At your appointment, give your information when you check in and your benefits will be pulled up. A card is available on vsp.com to print on your account. 

4.  How can I find a doctor near me?

VSP has a large network of highly-qualified eye doctors with a tool on the website to help you choose. Check out the Find a Doctor page on vsp.com, fill in your location and other details, and a list of eye doctors based on your preferences will show up.  

5. How do I submit a claim?

As a VSP member, you’ll always get the lowest out-of-pocket costs and your benefits will go further when you see a VSP network doctor. You don’t need to file a claim since your eye doctor’s office handles this for you. If you’ve seen an out-of-network provider, your coverage will be less than with a VSP network doctor and you’ll pay higher out-of-pocket costs. Some out-of-network providers may submit the claim for you, or you may need to log in to your vsp.com account to submit a claim online or by mail.


For more information click here for the FAQ section or contact Member Services and we’ll be happy to assist you. Thank you for choosing VSP for your vision coverage!