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Building Department

The City of Lamar approves businesses to work in the City by purchasing a City of Lamar Business License and/or a Contractor license.
The building permit application is available for you use in preparation to submit a building permit application. Current submittal standards and additional information can be acquired by calling the Building Department at (719) 336-2085.




A building permit is required except when the type of work is considered to be aesthetic (e.g. painting, changing the carpet). Please call building department for further clarification or questions.

See the current Rates and Fee Schedule for pricing or call the Building Department for information.

2024 Rate and Fee Schedule



Contractor’s License Application

Contractors must be licensed with the City of Lamar to perform work.

To obtain a contractor’s license the following must be submitted:

  1. Proof of liability insurance for $100,000.00
  2. Proof of workman compensation insurance, or copy of the Opt Out documents submitted to the State of Colorado’s Department of Labor & Employment as per their requirements (The insurance policy should also list the City of Lamar as a Certificate Holder for notification of any changes of policy coverage)
  3. City of Lamar contractor’s license application and supporting documents establishing the applicant’s competencies to perform the contractual work.
  4. Payment of the respective annual fee.
  5. City of Lamar Business / Sales Tax license application and respective fee.

Licenses are good for one year (January 1st through December 31st) and must be renewed annually.


The property owners, licensed contractor or an authorized representative can fill out the application. The following describes certain sections of the permit form.

Project information: The applicant must provide the address, proposed use of the building or property, and description of work to be done.

Applicant:  This is the name of the person submitting the application.

Property owner and address: This is the name of the actual property owner and the property owner’s mailing address.

Contractors: If the project is in a name other than an “owner”, then the names and phone number of the contractor shall be provided.



The following codes are provided as a courtesy to answer common questions. 

LMC Sec. 6-2

No building or other structure shall be erected, moved, added to, or structurally altered without a permit thereof, issued by the administrative official.

LMC Sec. 6.5 Expiration of building permit.

(a)  If the work described in any building permit has not begun within 90 days from the date of issuance thereof, said permit shall expire and shall be cancelled by the administrative official, and written notice thereof shall be given to the persons affected.

(b)  If the work described in any building permit has not been substantially completed with two years of the date of issuance thereof, said permit shall expire and be cancelled by the administrative official, and written notice thereof shall be given to the persons affected, together, with notice that further work as described in the cancelled permit shall not proceed until a new building permit has been obtained.



The Building Department is enforcing the following codes in the City of Lamar and within a 3 mile radius surrounding the City limits.

Sec. 22-1. - Jurisdiction.

The scope of jurisdiction of the planning and zoning commission shall be limited to that area which is included within the corporate limits of the city and such contiguous unincorporated area, within three miles of the boundaries of the municipality not located in any other municipality; except that in the case of any such land lying within five miles of more than one municipality, the jurisdiction of each commission shall terminate at a boundary line equivalent from the respective municipal limits of such municipalities. The jurisdiction over the subdivision of lands outside the boundary of a municipality shall apply equally to any municipality.

(Code 2000, § 17-1-10; Ord. No. 840, art. I, 1986; Ord. No. 1022, § 1, 2000)

2018 International Building Code

2018 International Residential Code

2018 Mechanical Code

2018 International Plumbing Code

2018 International Fire Code

2018 International Fuel Gas Code

2018 International Existing Building Code

2018 International Energy Code

2015 Energy Conservation Code

2015 Swimming Pool and Spa Code



Once a permit has been issued and work has begun, an inspection can be requested by you or your contractor.

24 hours in advance, call (719) 336-2085 to request an inspection, and get on the schedule.

Inspections are done Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:00 AM  and 3:00 PM. 

The City of Lamar does not provide electrical or plumbing inspections.

Electrical and plumbing inspections must be set up through the State of Colorado.

State Of Colorado




Ground snow load – 30 lbs.

Wind Speed – 110 mph

Seismic design category – B

Frost Depth – 36” inches

Live Load – 30 lbs.

Termites – Moderate to heavy

Ice barrier underlayment required – yes



Knowing where underground utility lines are buried before each digging project helps prevent injury, expense, and penalties.  The depth of utility lines may vary with multiple utility lines existing in one area.  Simple digging jobs can damage utility lines and disrupt vital services to an entire neighborhood, harm those who dig, and result in expensive fines and repair costs.  Marked lines can show the approximate location of underground lines and help prevent undesired consequences.

A phone call to 811 begins the process of marking underground utility lines. Simple home improvement projects including those on private property need to be marked as well. Personnel will notify the utility companies who will send their crews to mark underground lines at no cost.  

For further information please visit


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