• Bench warrants are court orders for police to arrest someone and place them in custody.  Municipal court warrants are issued for failure to appear in court at a scheduled court date as promised in writing, or for failure to comply with other orders of the court. The warrant issued by the judge will set a dollar amount of bail.  In addition to the bail amount set by the judge, a $50 warrant fee will be imposed by court order on each warrant issued.  People must post a bond in the amount of the bail to secure their release from custody.
  • To resolve a warrant you should appear at the municipal court at 102 East Parmenter Street in Lamar, CO 81052 on the date your release papers from the jail state.
  • A bond must be posted on a bench warrant to secure release from custody.
  • You may post bond:
    By posting the full amount in cash, either by the defendant or by another person (this amount may be applied against any future fine imposed by the court or returned in full if all subsequent court appearances and obligations are met). Colorado law requires the Division of Motor Vehicle to cancel your driver’s license when a bench warrant is issued for your failure to appear or comply with conditions of a traffic citation. To reinstate your driver’s license, the law imposes a $30 fee in addition any other warrant fees and costs that might apply. If you are licensed to drive in another state, the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicle will initiate license revocation proceedings in that state.