Wellness Program

Did you know that in 2020, over 20 billion dollars were spent in Facebook ads alone? What was all that money designed to purchase?


Your attention is the most valuable commodity in the world. It is what companies are paying for—your attention. So let me ask you this. Why would you not take your most valuable commodity and spend some of it on YOU? Paying ‘Attention’ to your own wellbeing is a powerful thing to do to keep yourself resistant to and resilient from stress-related illnesses. The quality or state of being healthy in mind, body and spirit; a deliberate effort of actively making choices towards a more successful existence. Our Wellness Program empowers employees to take stock in their personal health and wellness by providing well-organized activities that will ultimately increase overall personal wellness. We continue to define the culture of wellness within the City of Lamar and encourage all employees to take responsibility for their health and well-being. Achieving wellness can increase psycho-physiological well-being, social success, efficiency at work, and overall energy and happiness.