Lamar Ambulance Service

The Lamar Ambulance Service has operated as part of the City of Lamar Fire Department since 1975.  Our ambulances now respond to an average of 1,000 medical calls for assistance each year and cover approximately 1,240 square miles.  The service has achieved many milestones since its humble beginnings that led to advances in medical technology. 
In the early 1990s,  the service was one of the first in eastern Colorado to utilize the new technology of automated external defibrillators.  Members of the Lamar Ambulance Service were even invited to demonstrate the effectiveness of automated external defibrillators for then Colorado Governor Roy Romer at the State Capitol as a kickoff to the Prudential Insurance Helping Hearts campaign.  That program provided grant money for  more defibrillators to be placed in rural ambulances. 
In 1995 the Lamar Ambulance Service became the first service in southeastern Colorado to offer advanced life support at the EMT-Intermediate level.  Our EMT-Intermediates are certified in both Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advance Life Support techniques.  Since that time several other regional services have followed suit. 
Between 2009 and 2014 the Lamar Ambulance Service took the lead on adding Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate to the Colorado State EMT Formulary for the treatment of patients in acute adrenal insufficiency crisis events.  This is a nationwide effort and Lamar became the first ambulance service in Colorado to carry this life-saving drug.  Over those five years of lobbying we were able to make it possible to place the drug on all advanced life support ambulances throughout the state.

The Lamar Ambulance Service utilizes the support of seven full time EMT-Intermediates and a group of part-time EMS providers including first responders, EMT-Basics with intravenous certification, EMT-Intermediates and even Registered Nurses.

The Lamar Ambulance Service constantly strives to respond to the medical needs of the community with the most modern and advanced equipment possible.  We purchase only type I four wheel drive units.  We also utilize Medtronic Physio-Control cardiac monitor/defibrillators on all of our transport vehicles.  It is our intention to provide our staff with the best tools in order to provide our customers with the best care.

The Lamar Ambulance Service is also a Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment approved facility for providing continuous education training and practical skills testing for EMT-Basics and EMT-Intermediates.  We can assist basic and intermediate EMTs with their continuous education and testing needs.