Who we are, and what we do?
The AirMedCare Network is a division of Global Medical Response (GMR). GMR provides emergency services, critical care services (both ground and air) and patient relocation services around the world. Our aircraft, and medical equipment are state of the art. Our highly trained flight crews are seasoned pre-hospital critical care providers with years of experience and expertise. In addition, we provide fire services and disaster response worldwide. Not only are we the largest emergency service provider in the world, we operate over half of all air ambulances in the Unites States.
We’re unique from other membership offerings in that “we” actually are the help. We provide patient care, and transport by operating our own aircraft. In addition, we offer “peace of mind” through our membership program. These two factors can’t be duplicated by any other membership offering. It’s our membership program that allows us to base aircraft in rural communities throughout the United States. Our membership program has been in operation since the early 1980’s and is the largest of its kind, with over 3.2 million members. Unlike other offerings, GMR and the AirMedCare Network guarantees our members, No out-of-pocket cost for our services. A guarantee that other companies simply can’t match!    
We Are Not:
  1.  A supplemental insurance. We offer a true membership with 100% coverage!        
  2.  A membership with pages of confusing exclusions and provisions! We have six, steadfast “bullet point” terms and conditions that are printed on everything we hand out. We encourage everyone to read them and understand them before registering.
  3.  We DO NOT “cap” our coverage! Some memberships are capped at $20,000!
  4.  We DO NOT have exclusions and provisions for pre-existing conditions!
  5.  We DO NOT require pre-approval before a flight!
  6. Most importantly, we DO NOT make “medical necessity” determinations after the fact! Remember, we are the help. If we’ve flown you, we’ve already determined “medical necessity”, regardless of what your health insurance/supplemental insurance and or, other membership offerings may decide “after” the fact.
  7.  A corporation based outside of the United States! We’ve been based in Missouri since our inception. In fact, many of our flight nurses, paramedics, pilots and mechanics, live in the communities we serve. We therefore consider ourselves an active part of the “local” community. We take tremendous pride in protecting not only lives, but the overall economic health of all the communities we serve!!