Lamar Redevelopment Authority

Lamar Redevelopment Authority




Through its redevelopment efforts, Lamar Redevelopment Authority provides financing for projects that otherwise would not be feasible. Redevelopment provides an anchor for further revitalization, enables affordable development, creates jobs, improves property values, generates new tax dollars, and ensures investment in public amenities such as parks, infrastructure and art.


What does Urban Renewal do?

Urban renewal is the redevelopment or rehabilitation of real property in a city, through cooperative efforts by property owners, private developers and local government. Urban renewal restores economic vitality and improves the safety of a designated area. 

Redeveloping urban areas is more challenging and costlier than new development. Typically infill sites present "blight" challenges such as poor drainage, dilapidated buildings, aged infrastructure, and/or toxic materials.  URAs work with the property owners, developers and community to offset the associated infill costs and create development that wouldn't otherwise occur.  The state of Colorado has empowered local authorities to use Urban Renewal Authorities to encourage revitalization and the remediation of blight. All 50 states have some form of urban renewal law.


What is an Urban Renewal Plan Area?

An Urban Renewal Plan area is a designated boundary with the approved ability to use tax increment financing and eminent domain within those boundaries. Among other things, the plan specifies urban renewal objectives, authorized undertakings and activities, and specifies the provisions of the tax increment financing. Lamar Redevelopment Authority currently has one Tax Increment District.


 Why would a City have an Urban Renewal Plan Area(s)?

Urban Renewal Plan areas support revitalization of blighted property thereby stimulating private investment using public revenues created by redevelopment. This leads to the attraction of new jobs, new businesses and elimination of existing factors preventing growth of economic value.

Benefits of Urban Revitalization may include:

  • Reduces crime in the area
  • Improved roads, utilities and public infrastructure
  • Re-activates obsolete or vacated buildings
  • Preserves and creates open space
  • Transforms brownfields, greenfields and greyfields into productive uses
  • Preserves historic buildings
  • Boosts surrounding area property values
  • Provides needed amenities in underserved and/or impoverished areas.
  • Improves pedestrian, bike and vehicular circulation & connectivity


Who is the Urban Renewal Authority?

The Lamar Redevelopment Authority (LRA) board was established by the City of Lamar City Council in 2009 through the adoption of the Downtown Lamar Urban Renewal Plan.  The board is comprised of Lamar City Council members. 


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