Court System

Our mission is to administer equitable, fair and impartial justice in a timely and courteous manner; protect fundamental rights; promote public safety; and facilitate community professionalism.

The municipal court has authority over violations of the Lamar Municipal Code.  Some charges require an appearance in court, while others may be resolved by simply mailing in a fine.  City ordinances, court rules and state statues govern court proceedings.  Court employees are not allowed to give legal advice, but are happy to answer procedural questions.

  • Information on this site applies only to Lamar Municipal Court.  Summonses written by Lamar Police Officers are written into Lamar Municipal Court as well as Prowers County Court.
  • The Municipal Court is not a court of record.  The Lamar Municipal Court hears misdemeanor and traffic offenses of alleged violations of city ordinances.

Frequently Answered Questions