The Sanitation Department collects refuse from over 3,900 residential and commercial customers per week with two automated side load refuse trucks. Please reference the trash route schedule map for details on what day your container is scheduled for pickup.

10 yd: $200.00/ monthly or per empty
20 yd: $352.00/ monthly or per empty
30 yd: $462.00/ monthly or per empty
*There will be an additional $1 per mile each way outside city limits
* We will need necessary permit numbers before delivery
Disposal of the following items WILL NOT be permitted in our roll off containers:
• Liquids and sludge, bulk tank waste
• Hazardous waste materials
• Steel beams, cables, concrete, or similar debris
• Containerized waste
• Animal waste, utilize dead animal pit at Landfill, no blood or liquids
• Sewage treatment plant sludge, septic tank pumping
• Fuel spills or releases of chemical substances, or commercial products
• Infectious waste • Friable asbestos • Closed cartridge filters from dry cleaning establishments
• PCB’s in concentrations above 50 PPM The following are accepted at the landfill with additional fees:
• T.V’s. computers
• Refrigerators, washers, dryers
• A.C. units with Freon
• Water heaters
• Tires
** Any others items not listed herein but specified as unacceptable by the hazardous materials and waste management divisions of the State of Colorado.
Contact the Sanitation Department at 336.2002 to order Roll off service.